Laravel Shopper Documentation.


Shopper is a modern e-commerce solution for PHP, based on Laravel Framework.

The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with the knowledge and know how to get your online store off the ground and ready to roll.

Shopper Screenshot

Before installing Shopper you may want to take a quick moment to learn what it is and what it isn't, we'll do that in the next section.

What is Laravel Shopper

Shopper is an Admin Management build for Laravel 7+ which includes all the necessary for your online market application. Is an Open Source platform to build an e-commerce store. It is flexible, secured and includes advanced features to be fit for any e-commerce business requirement.

Is it ready for production

No. Shopper is not yet available in production it is under the Sponsorware license and will be available after reaching a minimum of 50 sponsors.

Getting Started with Laravel Shopper