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An eCommerce administration built with Laravel for Laravel Developers to create & manage online shop with multi-vendor.

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Technology for small, medium and large-sized businesses

Manage your inventory, website, customers, data, staff and marketing, and grow your business all in one place with Laravel Shopper.

Small business

For traders who want to open a store and who do not yet have a wide range of products. Slowly start your activity.

Medium business

For those whose activity has started to generate constant income and who want to have more visibility on the sale of their products.

Large business

You have a business with employees and you sell different types of products and you want to boost your business and increase your income.

3 Setup Guides

Use as you like, choose your own configuration

Laravel Shopper offers 3 types of usable project according to your need. And the configuration is done very simply.

  • Simple Package

    You can install it in your already existing Laravel project as a package using composer.

  • Modern CMS Engine Soon

    Shopper does not impose any restrictions on the website page structure, HTML or CSS markup. The CMS is built on Laravel.

  • Saas Application Soon

    Do you prefer a Saas? No problem, you can use it directly online by simply configuring your domain name.

Key features

Kickstart your store with these stunning features.

All of its features will help you better understand how your store works and expand your business to increase your income.

Products & Variations

Manage all your products with variations, set pricing, upload images, defined downloadable url, update SEO preview, etc.


Create and update attributes type and values, that allow you to customise your products to store more information you require.


Structure your categories for your products as a category tree, all with their own subcategories, upload image and set visibility of all of them.


Create manual and dynamic collections of products to help your customers easily find products.


Get all customer informations including their order history, addresses and localisation to prevent order fraud.


Manage orders by status, payment method, send email notifications to customers, apply order refund.


Obtain product ratings to determine your customer satisfaction level.

Multi Store Inventory

Connect your store with multiple inventory source to manage multi-channel inventories from a single website and easily track your product stock.


Create discount rules to apply to a cart, a sales order, or for a specific customer's usage.

Shipping and delivery

Set up your shipping options, per region. Manage how you ship orders to customers.

Reports & Analytics

Report on sales, top-selling products, new vs. returning customers, average order value, and how traffic is going on your store.

Market Place

Convert your store into the marketplace where multiple sellers can sell their products on your website.


Collaborate with your sellers and your team anytime, anywhere.

See the orders, revenue and traffic generated by each of your sellers, and get a report on every action taken by members of your store.

  • Actions Report
  • Embedded analytics
  • Enable Apps for your team
  • Webinar with sellers
Collaboration 1 Collaboration 2
Collaboration 3 Collaboration 4


Seamless integrations with analytics, marketing and developers tools

Laravel Shopper perfectly integrates the tools of your existing platforms that you use regularly.

Ready to dive in?
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Built for the TALL stack

Shopper was designed to work smoothly with these technologies.

Frequently asked questions

Is the package ready for production?

Yes. Shopper is released, so you can now create e-commerce sites using Laravel Shopper as an administration cpanel.

Is Shopper free to use?

Yes, Shopper is completely free for projects that will be done with the framework or the CMS.

Is this better than Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc?

Laravel Shopper includes 3 projects, the framework, the CMS and the Saas application. The others are CMS or SaaS applications, so a little more complicated to configure where Shopper gives you a lot more configuration to adapt the solution to your needs.

If I need help, is there any support?

Yes, you can ask questions on our Discord community. We also offer paid consulting — just shoot us an email.

Can we migrate from shopper to framework package?

No. For the moment it is not possible to migrate from your project on mckenziearts/shopper to the shopper/framework.

Why have 3 different versions?

The needs of users being different, we wanted to keep the fullstack aspect for experienced developers and the application for sellers who have no concept of development.

Is this package flexible?

Yes! Shopper is focused heavily on flexibility. The package comes with great defaults for bootstrapping shop, but if you need to customize anything, or add any behavior — you can do that very easily.

Can you already receive sponsorship?

This project is under the 💰 Sponsorwave license and we can already receive sponsorship for the project. You can sponsor the project on Open Collective or on Patreon. Thank you so much ❤️

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